The 6 Most Disgusting Things You Can Eat in South Korea


If you’ve been to Asia before you will know there are a lot of strange-looking foods, but the majority of them are quite edible. However some of the food that you will hear about in South Korea, should be avoided.

1) Feces wine (똥술)

That’s right, if you haven’t heard, poop wine is apparently a thing in Korea. While its drinkable instead of edible, ‘Ttongsul’ is a Korean rice wine that is made from children’s poop, water, rice and yeast. This magical wine was often created up until the 1960’s, but has now become unknown in newer generations. Its unique selling point is that it’s said to mend broken bones, heal cuts and fix bruises. While it’s usually fermented for multiple months to make sure it’s safe to drink and doesn’t taste or smell like feces, I can’t say we will personally be trying it anytime soon.

Check out the Vice documentary for more information;

2) Dog (개고기)

Easily the most controversial food eaten in Asia, dog is still consumed by few Koreans today. Animal rights activists strive to end the consumption of dog meat, while some just worry about how sanitary it is.

Warning – this video contains graphic content.

3) Fermented Stingray (홍어)

Fermented Stingray is supposed to be the ultimate seafood challenge. The smell is insanely strong and generally every part of the stingray is consumed.

4) Sea Penis  (개불)

The most displeasing part of Sea Penis for most people is that it actually looks like a swimming penis. Once its ready to eat, it still moves on the plate!

5) Beongdegi (번데기)

Mostly sold at markets or by street vendors, Beongdegi is considered a snack by most in Korea. However these silkworm chrysalis are considered to be full of vitamins and protein!

6) Live Octopus  (산낙지)

Live octopus became famous from the 2003 Korean movie classic Oldboy, where the main character attempts to swallow a live octopus whole. While it’s not the grossest food to eat in South Korea, it is among one of the most dangerous to attempt. There have been multiple cases where people suffocated from attempting this dish whole!

What do you think is the grossest food in South Korea? Let us know in the comments below!

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